Something I made Saturday: Barrel Table

So Jonathan and I have had this old wine barrel for the last two years since we got married.  Here it is on the left serving it’s decorative purpose at our wedding!

It’s kinda hiding behind my Dad!

My dad had bought it for the wedding and branded the top of it with a metal brand of our initials that we designed and that he welded himself.  It has kinda been collecting dust since then, but when we moved to Seattle (a year ago already!) we figured out what to do with it.  When we moved here we intended to buy a glass table top and make it into a little bistro table.  Well it proceeded to sit in our mudroom waiting to be loved.  I would occasionally look on craigslist for a glass tabletop for this project but I just couldn’t find the right piece…until last friday.  It was perfect!  Just the right size and heavy enough to sit sturdily on top of the barrel.  So I contacted the owner and brought it home!

 This is what we ended up with.

It’s so nice to eat at out new table and enjoy the view out our dining room windows.

our brand from under the glass

We love our new table!

{Do you like to search craigslist for your DIY projects?}

Something I Made Saturday: Craft Table

I have a tendency lately to bring home big projects and not work on them.  I currently have about 10+ furniture refinishing projects in line and there are multiple small projects I would like to accomplish as well.  Let’s just call me ambitious!  I see things for what they could be and have to get them…totally forgetting that I do not have the time to complete them.

I really like saving the furniture stuff to work on with my dad when he comes to visit, but somehow we don’t get to them.  This time my dad really wanted to help me complete something and I had the perfect thing!

I found this table out on the curb in front of a house in my neighborhood for FREE…and saw the perfect craft table.

I got a little ambitious and already removed a tile before taking my “before” picture.

At first I entertained the idea of re-tiling the entire top of the table, but due to the high price tag of the glass tiles I liked that seemed to be out of the question.  Then I had a great idea!  A sewing table with a rotary cutting mat built in.  This is a spendy task but it has greater cost reduction opportunities (via coupons and sales) as well as serving better purpose for my intentions.  I was unable to find the size cutting mat I needed without having to go through a specialty craft store so I improvised.  I got two smaller mats (a 24″x36″ and an 18″x24″) and cut them down to size.  I only had to cut off about 3/4″ to get the right size.  Then I found cheap glass sheet tiles at Lowe’s for $5 for each 12×12 sheet.  I used the tiles for around the edges of the cutting mats.

Here’s my end result:

So how did I get there?

I started by removing the tile with a hammer and a chisel.  There are Youtube videos that show you how you can remove tiles safely and efficiently.  My tile removal went so much quicker after I watched the video.  Make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves!

Then I sanded down all the woodwork that I wanted to paint.  I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint all over.

The varnished sides were molding so I sanded that down especially well.

My Dad helped me with the sanding.

When we were finished sanding we took the table apart and moved it to the basement.  We painted the table while it was in pieces so we could get the legs well.  I chose a semi-gloss paint so it would be easier to clean.  Although I tend to prefer an eggshell finish.

After the paint was all dry we cut the tiles to  the appropriate size and put them down on the table with mastic.  We let that completely dry.

In the mean time we cut a piece of pegboard (we were originally intending to use masonite) to the size of the combined cutting mats.  We used this to raise the cutting mats to be flush with the lip of the table.  Then we glued the pegboard to the table using wood glue and reinforced it with screws throughout.  When the glue was completely set I broke off the ends of the screws that protruded out the other side by bending them back and forth with pliers until they snapped.

Once the pegboard was in place and the mastic was set it was time to grout the tile.  To protect the brand new paint job I taped off the edges with blue painters tape.  My Mom and Dad did a great job with the grouting.

Once everything was dry I cut the rotary cutting mats to fit lengthwise on the table (they were about an inch too long for the table) with a utility knife.  Taking time to lightly score a slight groove and then pressing harder to cut it all the way.  Once the mats were cut I laid them in the table attaching them to the pegboard using double sided carpeting tape.  It is super strong and holds them in place really well.

Finally I cleaned up the tiles and removed the painters tape, and Viola!…I have the perfect craft table.  I love it so much and I am so excited to get to work on some of my sewing projects!  YAY!

Something I Made Saturday: Ruffled Camera Strap Cover


What I Made Monday

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